Terms of service


Unless the buyer agrees to something else, the seller can only collect and store the personal information that is necessary for the seller to be able to carry out the obligations under the agreement. The personal information of the buyer under the age of 15 can not be obtained unless the seller has the consent of parents or guardians. The buyer's personal information shall only be disclosed to others if it is necessary for the seller to implement the agreement with the buyer, or in statutory cases. The seller can only obtain the buyer's social security number if there is a factual need for secure identification and such collection is necessary.

If the seller wants to use the buyer's personal information for other purposes, for example to send the buyer advertising or information beyond what is necessary to complete the agreement, the seller must obtain the buyer's consent at the conclusion of the agreement. The seller must give the buyer information about what the personal information will be used for and about who will use the personal information. The buyer's consent must be voluntary and given by active action, for example by ticking.

The buyer must be able to easily contact the seller, for example by telephone or e-mail if he or she has questions about the seller's use of personal information or if he or she wants the seller to delete or change the personal information.


Our online store contains so-called cookies. You can look around the online store without cookies, but you can not shop. We use cookies to manage the contents of your shopping cart. It is a text file that is stored on your computer. We also store information if you have chosen to view the category pages with or without images. If your browser or firewall is set to prevent the storage of cookies, the website may stop working or you may have problems completing a sale.


The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes amicably. The buyer can contact the Consumer Council to get assistance in a possible dispute with the seller. If an amicable solution is not reached after mediation in the Consumer Council, the parties may request in writing that the Consumer Council submit the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Committee. 13) Decisions of the Consumer Disputes Committee are final four weeks after service. Before the decision is final, the parties may, by submitting a summons to the Consumer Disputes Committee, bring the decision before the district court.

13) See Act of 1 March 2017 Act on the Consumer Complaints Committee (Consumer Complaints Act).