Lip liner, or lip pencil, is a versatile make-up tool. Our lip liners help to fill, define and highlight the lips. See our selection below!

Lipliner is an important part of any makeup routine. It helps you get a defined shape, get fuller lips and prevent the lipstick and lip gloss from flowing over the lip lines.

In our range you will find everything from subtle and natural finishes to more dramatic and strong colours. You are guaranteed to find a shade for you in our online store.

Our products are 100% free from animal testing.

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Frequently asked questions about lipliner

Lip liner is not a necessity, but it prevents the lipstick from fading or bleeding. In addition, lipliner gives the lips a defined and fuller look.

Start by exfoliating your lips to remove dry skin, then apply rich care lipstick to create a smooth, moist surface. Then start at the center of the upper lip and follow the edge of your lips until you reach the corners. Do the same with the lower lip. A good tip is to use short and light strokes. Fill in the rest of your lips with lip liner, and then top with matching lipstick , lip tint or lip gloss .

Absolutely! A lip liner with a creamy consistency like the AMC Lip pencil matte is designed with a wider side that makes it easy to fill the entire lip with color. Many people like to use lip liner to fill in their lips first, then top it off with a matching lip gloss to add shine and moisture.

You can definitely give your lips a fuller and more defined look with lip liner. Lips that receive moisture, color and are "framed" instantly get the illusion of larger and fuller lips. If you are a beginner, it would be a good idea to start with a nude lip liner, one that is preferably no more than two shades darker than your natural lip colour.

For maximum control, start in the center of each lip and draw light strokes outward to the corner on each side. Then fill them with lip liner or with a matching lipstick or lip gloss , and rub your lips together or use a lip pencil to blend all the shades.