Choosing the Best Powder Brush For You

Discover the Best Powder Brushes

How many times have you thought about the right brush to make your makeup fun and pleasurable? And what technique to choose to achieve the most satisfying effect? Various shapes, materials and the length of hair... Is this all really important? And which brush is the unfailing one?

When buying makeup tools, remember to take proper care of the bristles for a long-term investment. Pay attention not only to soft fiber but also to appropriate shape and quality of the material used to make the handle. Storage as well as cleaning and drying processes have a huge impact on the lifespan of your brushes. Choose these with wood elements especially. Why is it better to apply powder with a brush, not a sponge? The answer is simple! You will have more control over the product applied. For dry formulation such as powder, grab for brushes with natural bristles. Their porous structure ensures excellent adhesion between the product and hair. As a result the application is even, simple and enjoyable.

Love Loose Powder?

Love Loose Powder? Do you prefer subtle, daily makeup to be applied fast and easy with a brush? We have something for you. Makeup Brush 1SS! Thanks to its large size and loose bristles, you can touch your skin with your favorite powder immediately. This brush is soft and flexible, so the application is very comfortable.

If you want to achieve better coverage without additional layers of the product, use Kabuki brush 25SS. Round, short and densely packed bristles allow even application, especially with larger amounts of the powder. Apply the product in circular motion to provide a silky and flawless look. Minor imperfections will be evened out immediately. Kabuki brush is known for its short handle to make it handy and perfectly fitting. Thanks to its small size and elegant case, the brush is perfect on the go or for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

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Love Pressed Powder?

achieve a long-lasting and mattifying effect

Grab a flat-top brush 16BJF and press the powder into your skin using a stamp by stamp technique. It allows the product to match perfectly with the skin, leaving it mattified for long hours. Flexible and densely packed hair enables it to apply powder to hard-to-reach areas of the face like nose wings.

When applying pressed formulation, use also a medium-size Makeup Brush 15BJF that prevents the excessive dusting of the product owing to its rounded fiber. The brush 15BJF can be also used to apply bronzing powder, providing a sun-kissed effect on your skin.

Contour, Highlight, Set ... go!

Lets Bake!

This current makeup trend allows you to enhance selected parts of your body with the use of loose or pressed powder. It also enables you to fix products of creamy consistency during the initial stage of your makeup creation. If you want to powder and illuminate your eye area as well as chin and forehead reach for Makeup Brush 4SS that ensures a maximum fixing effect thanks to its soft and dense hair. Makeup Brush 24SS is also a perfect tool to achieve the effect of a defined face. Owing to its shape, it allows even application of bronzing products or translucent powder, applied under your cheekbone to enhance it at once. Use baking technique to create a silky and flawless look.

Remember that daily makeup should highlight the best features of your face, especially! Grab your INGLOT Brushes to achieve your desired effect and make your creation a real ritual of pleasure.